Thursday, April 2, 2015

Multiple Intelligences Educational Courseware, 2008

Intan et. al (2008) believed that every human being has at least one intelligent, and some of them can even possess to a maximum of eight intelligences. MI Educational Courseware was developed based on the theory of MI in education by Howard Gardner for Smart School in Malaysia. This courseware provides a comprehensive and interactive notes, exercises, tutorials and quizzes that equipped with animated graphics and games which can excite and entertain students and improve the information transformation from short term memory into long-term memory.

Example of game style learning, learning through drawing, and click and drag exercises

The novelty of the courseware is that the system can easily be customized, maintained and updated. As an independent system, the courseware allows students to navigate through system to a specific part of their interest. The courseware is focus on Chemistry Subject (consists for 4 subtopic) at Sekolah Menengah Tengku Menteri Changkat Jering Taiping, one of the smart schools in Malaysia.
 The strengths of this courseware is before entering the system, students have to logon with their names and personal password. This system will find student’s name in file user.txt located in the project folder. If the student finds the user name in that specific files and that particular password is match, the system will brings him to the main menu. Teachers also have their own password that contains sensitive information such as student’s marks. Teachers can edit and delete students answer scripts from this site.

Another strengths of this courseware, teacher can update the content without having to edit any Authorware files because the notes were built in HTML format. They can edit and update these files using any HTML editor or web editor or even Ms. Word. However, they have to save with the same file name because Authorware package pieces will find file with the same name. 

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