Thursday, April 2, 2015

Online Multiple Intelligences Teaching Tools (On-MITT)

Lecturers become curriculum developers either to create or design teaching material. On-MITT is a rich collection of teaching templates designed to save lecturers time in preparing their teaching material. Most of the free online teaching tools offers the trial version and user can’t edit and save the templates. Using the Multiple Intelligence Teaching Tools, lecturers can create free games, quizzes, activities, interactive diagrams and applications based on the Multiple Intelligence theory in a few second. Not only that, no coding is required because this tools are easy to use and user friendly. The tools also offer the user to organize, save, print and export to others document such as jpg file, doc and etc. In addition, the templates can be changed later or edit in any time. This tool actually gives educators the power to generate their own in-depth, effective and innovative teaching tools.
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Benefits of using these tools are:

  • No need to be an ICT expert to produce an engaging ICT-based lesson.
  • User can integrate ICT within subject teaching - efficiently preparing a unique resource for your students' requirements.
  • All the tools are Flash-based/Web based; they work effectively regardless of computer system via a digital projector, interactive whiteboard, computer network.

On-MITT Teaching Activities

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